The Village 3-2

The Substance of Form

This gathering of “villagers” is The SUBSTANCE OF FORM at a magical enchanted creek flat AND at a delightful campground on the NSW side.  If borders are open, it will be at the creek flat.  If not, simultaneous gatherings will be at both locations.

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This Village has come and gone. See you at the next one…….

If you have interest in co-stewarding Village Land AND developing strategies for FASHIONING A FUTURE on terms that include Balance, Peace and Freedom underpinned by LOVE.



Friday 17th September to Tuesday 21st September

We gather again in times and situations where these gatherings have new meaning and relevance.

Locations near both sides of the border have been sourced to provide the best assurance that we will gather at this important time.

At other Villages
unique and beautiful offerings have included:


  • Massage and bodywork
  • Ceremonies and dancing
  • Coffee and chai spaces
  • Sound baths
  • Crystal bowls and gongs
  • Mantra chanting and kirtan
  • Land regeneration and tree planting
  • Didge healings
  • Workshops
  • Childcare
  • Community kitchen and cooking
  • Campfire discussions and sharing
  • Sweat lodge
  • Dance party
  • Acoustic music
  • Talent show
  • Cuddle puddles, hug patrols
  • Pancake, pizza and sourdough making workshops
  • Henna design, paint and colour
  • Bushwalking and farm tours, Guided Meditations
  • World’s biggest tree swing
  • Existential wisdom

    Bring your own special offering!

Substance of Form

VILLAGERS are well on the journey of 3 (FORM), as we step into negotiating the SUBSTANCE of FORM.

First thing this speaks to is the search for land on many fronts, as it begins to materialise, it gains substance (2) of form (3) the land, earth, 3D reality matter.  You are invited to embrace the vision of 247 Villages by contributing in whatever way you are best able.  We are looking to initially raise approximately 2 million dollars which would enable us to have at least two, three or four substantial properties, in Northern NSW, in the vicinity of the Sunshine Coast and elsewhere.  

That’s only 200 of us (out of literally thousands of Villagers) needing to contribute $10,000 each.  This is so achievable.  That is the sort of thinking and dreaming that will give SUBSTANCE to FORM.

The SUBSTANCE of FORM is also blisteringly relevant in the FURORE of the world we currently inhabit.

All that we are currently navigating in this time of significant change speaks to the SUBSTANCE OF FORM as we grapple with the loss of the FORM to which we are accustomed and do our best to design FORM anew.  In order to do that, we must look at those things that have SUBSTANCE in our lives to add as necessary components to a new way of life.

We are also called to consider the FORM of this thing we are co-creating.  It began as a few friends gathering near a creek and has steadily grown into its ADULT shoes so that it is now the MOVEMENT it always claimed to be.  Considering that we now can’t really keep track in our minds and memories of the almost 2000 people who consider themselves VILLAGERS, what is the SUBSTANCE of this thing called THE VILLAGE and VILLAGE MATRIX.  Does it have sufficient SUBSTANCE to genuinely offer a place for people to feel at home, nurtured, protected and included.  Are we engaging with the vision so as to empower it for ourselves and others or is it still just a fine way to have a weekend off in a nice place in the bush?

Why is there any charge at all?

There are some costs that we simply cannot cover through contribution as we transition to a full contribution and Ubuntu experience.  These include petrol for the mowers, mower parts, (its a tough spot to mow, both the creek flat and the driveways) tarpaulins and covers, waste disposal, wood for the fires, Mighty Network, website hosting and maintenance, transport, rates, road repair and lots more. A small basic charge for everyone helps to cover those things.

We minimise the contribution and have a policy to continue to contain the membership fee as much as possible with each Village gathering.

 The Village is a progression, a synthesis, a collective of people with a common interest and a vision for a sustainable harmonious life on planet Earth.

Entry to The Village is by membership.

We do this because this is a gathering of each and every person as a friend or a friend to be.  So we remove tickets as a way to gain entry and ask you to become a member of The Village.

Select your membership option and see you at The Village!

  1. An opening ceremony is always held to draw everyone and everything together for the duration of the gathering.  If you are a first time Villager it is a requirement that you attend the Opening Ceremony.
  2. Bring enough food for your own crew and a little more.  The community kitchen happens almost every time and extra food, sauces, condiments, gas, pots, pans and all the other stuff for good cooking and cleaning up are always more than welcome.
  3. Bring your own drinking water.
  4. This is a LEAVE NO TRACE gathering.
  5. This is a NO DOGS NO CATS gathering, a requirement of the host property.

    Bring yourself, your family and friends.

    All are welcome.

    For so many Villagers there have been enduring friendships and connections made providing a matrix of people that form a family that isn’t “blood” family; a tribe that isn’t bound by dogma; a group of people motivated by the potential of a new design for living based on gifting, sharing and contributing, exercising “Ubuntu” (I am because we are), solidly held by the three pillars of Balance, Peace and Freedom sustained on a foundation of Love.

    There are bush toilets, fires, a delicious rock pool hot tub by the creek, a fabulous swimming hole, shady spots, delightful people, roads suitable for two or four wheel drive and the rest is up to you.

    Based on Ubuntu principles (I am because we are) and contribution, the Village is an ongoing social experience that has taken on a vitalised relevance as we face significant and confronting change in our society.

    You are openly invited and encouraged to bring your unique gifts and offerings, laughter, sadness, anxiety, peacefulness, anger, frustration, fear, love, centred calmness, opinion and everything else that can exist under our self imposed boundary of remaining in Balance, Peace and Freedom underpinned by LOVE