Born out of a series of vivid dreams and the adventures and wisdom gained in Walkingourworld, The Village gatherings have been happening since 2015.

What happens when you bring a group of people together who are all interested in community and ask them to work with one another to make their time together the best it can be?

The Village gatherings are a melting pot that show us who we are to each other and call us to find our way through everything that comes up.  The gatherings are essentially based on the concept of contribution, inviting everyone who attends to bring their own unique contribution to the group.  It’s not an “event” but rather a gathering of people who offer their unique gifts into the space.

That can bring some things up in this world where we can easily harbour expectations that everything be done for us.

How do we deal with the square peg in the round hole?  What if that square peg turns out to be you?  How can we organise ourselves to create a society of inclusion, adventure AND safety?

Workshops, kitchen prep, games for kids, massage, ceremony, music and a plethora of other offerings (or the lack of them – like when no-one wants to cook dinner for the whole gathering) mean it’s never possible to predict exactly what your experience will be at The Village.

The Village in Australia has been hosted for the past seven years at private land and campgrounds in south east Queensland and northern NSW.

The Village has also happened near Melbourne, in New Zealand, near Montreal in Canada and in the village of Llangollen in Central North Wales, UK.

Amongst a range of enquiries, there have also been people making approaches to conduct The Village in Perth, Adelaide, North Queensland, the USA, Cyprus and Estonia. The village has also commenced in Sydney, NSW.

The Village can happen anywhere.  Just ask.

The Village – it’s a movement.

Existing Villagers, use your membership password that is provided via our private Mighty Network and CLICK HERE for access.

For more information, to become a member or to attend a gathering, please use the form below…….