A Village Gathering

The Freedom of  Substance

This will be a MEMBERSHIP only community experience

If this is your first time…….

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The energy movement of The Village is the



Event access is via Membership Donation.  Please book right now!

Strictly limited numbers!

Bring yourself, your family and trusted friends. All are welcome.

We will celebrate FREEDOM at a different location in Northern NSW inside the “Border Bubble” that your Membership will inform you about.

This time we experience and contribute to FREEDOM in SUBSTANCE as our fast changing world addresses these same ideas.  

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Freedom is being challenged in every aspect of our lives right now.  All of us are being prompted to re-evaluate the freedoms that we have, until quite recently, taken for granted.  Our shared “Quantum Leap” continues as we express our personal and shared freedom, consider our social responsibilities In these times this is an absolute necessity as we design a new way to be together as stewards and caretakers of this incredible country and each other.

This Village is themed in the seventh step of the SUBSTANCE process of the movement of energy and is called


Freedom is the process of life itself.  This Step carries light, which is life itself.  It is the dream our experience of the process of life, our desire to live, (our spiritual sexual eros).  Autonomous individual freedom is the most sacred of all gifts and occurs here at the seventh Step.  In its finest form, this is the power of resurrection.

We would be hard pressed to find anyone who has not had to give thought to FREEDOM since our last edition of The Village.  

This time we come with a firm intent of expressing our personal freedoms and honouring and investigating freedom – especially in relation to all we are doing to develop community on land through The247Village, freedom of assembly, shared freedom, the impact of one person’s personal freedom on the freedom of another.

With freedom comes responsibility.

If we find ourselves separated, restricted and gagged by life today then we are being called to liberate, to release and to enable the most glorious expression of our personal and collective soul.

Responsibility is often seen as a drudgery yet Freedom calls on Responsibility as nothing else.  If we abandon freedom we can also mask responsibility, blame others and claim innocence.  There is nothing more disempowering to soul expression than this.  It is a childish way to approach life and limits the extraordinary nature of each and every one of us.

We discover the true essence of FREEDOM as we take decisions about those things by which we choose to be bound.

The Core Values of The247Village are a fine example of this as we design the “lore” that will enable us to become fully expressed human beings in complete soul liberation.

SO much is going on all around us. So much we are all creating and contributing in every moment, with every thought, every word and every action. When we bring all that together at The Village – everything is not only possible, it already is, so…..


Come every villager, bring your contribution, whatever it might be……..and join in to be fully informed on how we are now beginning to form 247Villages and empowering The Village Matrix

Do not miss this one!!

At other Villages unique and beautiful offerings have included:

Massage and bodywork, ceremonies and dancing, coffee and chai spaces
Sound baths, crystal bowls and gongs, tanaiki, yoga, fashion range launch,
Land regeneration and tree planting, all night ceremonial vigils,
Giant bubble blowing, community meal prep and clean up,
Didge healings….workshops….childcare
Community kitchen and cooking
Campfire discussions and sharing, sweat lodge
Dance party….acoustic music…talent show
Cuddle puddles, hug patrols, board game development
Pancake, pizza and sourdough making workshops
Henna design, paint and colour
Bushwalking and Famunity farm tour, Guided Meditations
World’s biggest tree swing, existential wisdom
and so so much more…..bring your own special offering! That is the beauty of every Villager making their unique contribution!

Much will be raised and covered around The247Villages and the future of The Village and the Village Matrix.  Don’t miss it!

An opening ceremony is held to draw everyone and everything together for the duration of the gathering.  If you haven’t attended an opening ceremony for The Village before please understand that this time attendance at the opening ceremony is required so that we are all able to express our FREEDOM within the binding of this ceremony for The Village 2-7. 

The rest is up to every participant and what they want to bring.

Entry to The Village is by membership donation.

We do this because this is a gathering of each and every person as a friend or a friend to be.  So we remove tickets as a way to gain entry and ask you to become a member of The Village.

Please make your donation.  Numbers of villagers attending in these times will be strictly limited and will be determined via the timing of your donation here

NOTE: You do not need to have a PayPal account you can opt to pay via credit or debit card or directly into a dedicated bank account

There may or may not be a few opportunities to make your donation in cash at the entrance to The Village.  This option may not be available as it is likely we will reach capacity prior to the start date. Should you choose this option, please contact by telephone prior to arriving to ensure there are still places available.



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