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Most people don't realise quite how often they are in "trance", a state of mind promulgated by media and social media and our "modern" way of life. Cleaning your teeth with the same brush strokes as last time and every time. That's trance. Getting into an elevator and...

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It’s time.

Uncertainty and anxiety is showing up in my life right now. It's not that I am personally uncertain or anxious. It is significantly the feminine that are reaching out, facing many challenges. Imagining their children growing up with masking and no bodily autonomy as...

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It’s co-creation time!

Who would deny that we are living in extraordinary times? Who would question that the world we are currently experiencing is at the very least, not quite how we expected to be living just a few months ago? That speaks to me of opportunity. It was back in 2010 that I...

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CONTRIBUTION AT THE VILLAGE 2-5 (Understanding Substance) All contributions are separate from the small membership attendance cost.   Here are some genuine ways that you can contribute. Mowing, whipper snipping, potable water supply - assistance may be needed....

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A Social Experiment for the 3rd Millenium

The Village is a simple concept. First – everyone who enters the land on which the Village is conducted comes in PEACE and is required to enter the property under a PEACE TREATY – which is distributed to all “Villagers”. At the core it’s about reconnecting face to...

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A Village Model

There is another way to live.  I am doing it.  I have been for just over ten months now.  I am walking this earth for balance, peace & freedom and to raise awareness of these issues, its true.  The way that this will be brought to reality in...

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