Uncertainty and anxiety is showing up in my life right now. It’s not that I am personally uncertain or anxious. It is significantly the feminine that are reaching out, facing many challenges.

Imagining their children growing up with masking and no bodily autonomy as “normal”. Some are considering not sending them to school at all. Some are terrified that others will usurp their authority and administer things to their children without appropriate interaction with parents. Some afraid for themselves and their families because what they are “sensing” or “intuiting” feels downright dark and “life-denying”.

I any case, it seems to be pretty widespread because I’m dealing with different aspects of it from all sides.

Nothing to fear. These times signal the return of spirit.

I found an old journal that demonstrated to me that I foresaw these times we are now experiencing as far back as 2002, when I wrote some pieces in there that reminded me (as it is a personal journal) to gather people together in community. Writings to myself that outlined troubling times ahead and the way to circumvent the worst outcomes by connecting people face to face.

These days I find myself well held by a huge group of forthright and empowered humans who value me and value our connection. They have my back and I have theirs and that is not what we are being fed by the mass media.

If you are part of that crew, can I assign you to something? It’s pretty easy. This Village Movement has already served you in many ways, yes?

Introduce others to it. Get them to engage. Bring them along to a gathering. Add more energy to this movement.

What once felt like a little plot of friends having a nice time down by a running creek has now gained greater significance – if only for the reason that it instinctively, intuitively feels far better than what our society is feeding us.

Bring them here! Bring them Home!

One sure way out of feeling disempowered is to take action on something that you know has values that serve your “life-affirming” choices, so please, don’t keep it to yourself!

This is worth sharing and compassion for our fellow humans calls us into action to grow this thing we’ve begun, not because of growth but because there are humans looking for some relief from all the BS. If you’ve ever attended a village, you already know the feeling of relief and it’s adding beauty to share that generously.