Most people don’t realise quite how often they are in “trance”, a state of mind promulgated by media and social media and our “modern” way of life.

Cleaning your teeth with the same brush strokes as last time and every time. That’s trance.

Getting into an elevator and not talking with anyone, but eyes automatically go straight to the numbers above the door, to be gazed at until the lighted one corresponds with the floor you want to get out on. That’s trance.

Villagers in circle around the fire Winter 2021

Finding yourself “entranced” by whatever happens to be oozing out at you from the television, without even the energy or will to press the OFF button. That’s trance too.

Its handy for things like driving the car (to a point) and worth noting that it’s the sort of thing I got trained in when I was treading the halls of influence in the media over 25 years ago. One of the intense lines of study was how to take advantage of that “trance” state to influence, well, almost everyone but certainly the audience.

In order to be in presence one must pay attention to whether or not one is “en-tranced” because entrancement is not presence, it is absence. It has some beautiful and powerful uses to unleash personal limitations and strictures that I still employ in a workshop/retreat scenario and occasionally in circles and ceremonies, but in the day to day – presence is imperative.

With presence, all that is going on in the world becomes a story happening over there, not what is immediately here and now. It can bring us back from madness. It calls us into appreciation and gratitude. It is the only honourable and exquisite way to be in intimate connection.

What part of your day are you “en-tranced” by the whirlwind of information and data available to us all?

What part of your day is collected into absolute and precious PRESENCE?

With increased FOCUS on presence, one is very likely to simply do and be what one is actually here for. To be of service. That is our nature.

Anything else is just an effort to fill emptiness.