It's co-creation time!

Who would deny that we are living in extraordinary times? Who would question that the world we are currently experiencing is at the very least, not quite how we expected to be living just a few months ago? That speaks to me of opportunity. It was back in 2010 that I took a decision to step aside from a “normal” life and decided to go walking about the place. My principal motivator was that although my life was at the time quite comfortable and settled and there was a lot of surfing, it all felt like life could just slip through my fingers and be decidedly similar to “marking time”. Deciding to go walking changed that dramatically. Life has been generally exhilarating since I took that really challenging decision. Weird at times, excruciating at times, blissful at times – but I cannot recall dull or uninteresting.
Freezing in western Tasmania with Pete Coles, helicopters over glaciers with Paul Wennerholm, meeting villagers in Fiji with Nussy Mark when we climbed a ridiculously steep mountain, aloneness often, sailing for seven days with Richie Rigg, laughing till my sides were sore with Olive Burnell Molyneux, Paul Wennerholm and Glenn Hall, feeding a fire, drinking strong coffee and writing like a madman at the Greek Island of Kefalonia and later at Laugharne in south Wales, visiting the grave of Dylan Thomas and writing just 300 metres from where he wrote “Under Milkwood” knowing that he walked just outside the door where I too was writing.
So, so much, much more and all the while maintaining a vision for a thing that raised its head in my life that came to be called “The Village”.
I had been born into a life that gave me so many incredible opportunities and though I had taken quite a few of them up until 2010, and then started that walk on December 21st, 2012 with people like Gregor and Martin Smith sharing that beginning with me, nothing could have prepared me for the life I have had since deciding to take a giant leap of faith that I am the architect of my life the moment that I choose for that to be so.
I still choose to be the architect of my life. All the things that I could be afraid of in this current extraordinary phase present me with no fear at all. I choose daily how I will interact with life and though from time to time I succumb to fear, it generally doesn’t last long and I am at cause in this world once again. This is what drives my vision for The Village. It is so much more than the setting up of one alternative community. It is a whole new way of life should there be sufficient people who also choose to embrace their fully empowered co-creative spirit. I choose not to speak for anyone else and lately find myself sharing precious little about my position on all the things that seem so important when I engage with media or social media.
My focus is on creation, not defense or justification.
So I keep writing the book that is downloading via me. It’s called The Village.
So I keep encouraging friends and accomplices to invest in land and property together so that we begin to have parts of the earth we can offer our stewardship and in turn it will hold us in at least as much care and beauty as we hold each other. That’s called The Village and VillageMatrix.
So I keep imagining a world that embraces care for each other and care for this exquisite life form upon which we walk. That’s called The Village.
So I dream in ways in which we could interact with each other that would make fair and equitable decisions for the maintenance and empowerment of expressed life force. That’s called The Village.
I have little time for the fear that keeps tapping me on the shoulder, doing its best to gain my attention. It comes from all manner of sources, sometimes even from within, sometimes from those I feel closest to, sometimes from influences that are little more than images and words that somehow drop into my life via electrical and frequency carriers that are spread like the sticky web of some malevolent spider.
Alone or with others, I am blessed to forge The Village into this illusion, this maya, this samsara we all witness from our individual perspectives.
You are so welcome to “walk with me” and create a magnificent, flawed, exquisite experience.
I call it The Village. I don’t care what you call it. Simple though, you are invited.
Let’s get on with this co-creation.
#thevillage #thevillagematrix