There is another way to live.  I am doing it.  I have been for just over ten months now.  I am walking this earth for balance, peace & freedom and to raise awareness of these issues, its true.  The way that this will be brought to reality in the physical world is through the Walkingourworld Foundation communities.  One on each continent to begin with.  Each will be over 150 hectares of land with no more than 169 adults living on that land.  There will be an holistic teaching space & community gathering space at the centre of the community.  Close to that building will be small short term accommodation units for visitors to stay, to attend courses, to help with the land.  In the teaching space they can learn in any of the five aspects of being human.  Emotional, physical, mental, spiritual & sexual.  Short courses in aikido, raw food preparation, sustainable gardening, upcycling, tai chi, yoga, tantra, brain gym, flower arranging, homeopathics, colour therapy, art therapy, sacred sexuality, surfing technique, body psychotherapy, painting, basket weaving, short story writing, poetry, how to play a musical instrument, preserving foods, making jams & preserves – you name it.  Short courses that provide engaging & useful skills for life for those who want to learn.

A little further away there will be dwellings for those who have decided that they want to be a part of the community to the degree that they wish to learn something more deeply.  These people may be wanting to become qualified in a specific skill.  They have decided to put their fulltime effort into the skill so they have moved onto the Walkingourworld Foundation community and they will live there at least a year as they study, also committing to making a contribution to the daily, weekly & monthly operation of the community.  They will share the values of the community, namely a dedication to practices that support the triumvirate of balance, peace & freedom in every action & interaction.

Further again from these dwellings will be the permanent homes of those people who have committed to living in this way completely.  These will be the teachers, the practitioners of the community.  They will live on the community.  They will tend the farm, teach the students, maintain the buildings, continue to risk everything to create community that works, that remains committed not just to sustainability on every level, but to creation of better & better innovations that lead to the conscious evolution of their community & thus for all of humanity.

The land will be productive and will provide the food for the community using principles from such models as Bill Mollisons permaculture & the Biodynamic land use model. The homes will be 100% self sustainable.  There are already models of this from innovators like the Reynolds and their EARTHSHIPS. Power will be generated on site, using principles suitable to the local terrain.  It might be wind at one site, the sun at another, thermal at another – a mix of everything at another.  The people will be the designers & innovators of the very best that is possible in the Wheel of Conscious Evolution, a model provided & mildly adapted from the original concept from Barbara Marx Hubbard.  At every step the basic tenets will be “is this the best we can do to serve the principles of balance, peace & freedom?”

Does it sound like some kind of Utopian Dream?  Does it sound like the place you have always dreamed of?  I am walking all over this planet speaking and sharing these ideas while also living an extraordinary life.

Do you want to be one of the people who lives on the community?  It will take courage.  It will be an extraordinary life.  You will be a pioneer.  For the Australia/New Zealand community I am estimating that we will need about $4 million dollars to establish it.  First we need the people who see the real need for radical change in how we are doing things on this finite planet.  Next we need the land.  I’d say that a suitable piece of land could be purchased for approximately $1,500,000.  Then there would be $2,500,000 for buildings & all the other infrastructure needed. 

169 adults being responsible for bringing $25,000 each to the community would make up about four and a quarter million dollars.  The living would be quite different to what is considered “normal” in this day and age.  It would be an exciting, pioneering step to take.  Are you up for it?  You could forget about ever having a mortgage.

I’m serious.  Together, just 169 innovators, explorers, rebels, community members, heroic souls can make this happen.  And the time is now.  Don’t even think that you have to have the money right this minute.  We can sort that out.  Just a show of hands to begin this.  Then a willingness to gather together before June next year to make a plan.  Anyone?