The Village is a simple concept.

First – everyone who enters the land on which the Village is conducted comes in PEACE and is required to enter the property under a PEACE TREATY – which is distributed to all “Villagers”.

At the core it’s about reconnecting face to face, connecting in the “light” of each other, contributing, about giving rather than taking from one another or “holding out” on one another.  The Village is about creating the possibility of expanding into communities of people who look out for one another, rather than compete or oppose one another.

The Village is about embracing Balance, Peace & Freedom.

It is also a critical jigsaw piece in the social dynamics of forming communities and a lifestyle of honest, loving and compassionate interaction with one another

As a “Villager” friends are invited to enter the space to discover how it is to be held by each and every member of the Village, and to share how it is that each individual will hold the space for all other villagers.

Simple yet powerful ceremonies are conducted to form an initial bond between each participant.

Everyone has a unique contribution to make, and rather than that being controlled and directed by one or a committee the investigation is into the abundance of each bringing their unique contribution, looking closely at our ability to intentionally move energy between us and out into the world around us and invent and challenge the rules of creating a new way of interacting with self, life and others.

Villagers learn skills from each other, teach ways of stepping out of old paradigms and patterns and share talents, experiences, food, laughter, music and much more.  That may have a focus on community and the forming and creation of community, (very welcome as a contribution) and it may take a different path altogether – but a community begins to form as those who attend make genuine connections and reconnections.

Minimal infrastructure is provided, sufficient compost toilets (or minimum standard for the location) and the basic setup for a community kitchen, plus several simple covered spaces.  The object is to genuinely depend on the “Villagers”, that is, those who choose to attend, to provide everything that is needed for the experience.

Contributions are varied and not closely monitored though a whiteboard or banner is available for contributors to indicate their offering.  Each person is encouraged to “contribute” in whatever way is appropriate to them – and this can translate to the sharing of friendship, child care, helping erect the basic infrastructure and prepping the land, workshops on virtually any subject including community, but extending into crafts, dance, music, satsang and wisdom sharing, Womens Red Tent, fire circles and more.

A low fee is charged to assist in covering any outgoings for those who “birth” the event – from securing the basic infrastructure to internet access.

“The Village” is a numbered event – beginning with Village 1 where the theme is FOCUS and following through with Village 2 where theme is SUBSTANCE, Village 3 is FORM and so on.

The vision is that “The Village” is never an owned name, but rather has the opportunity to appear anywhere and everywhere under similar guidelines as these to assist in generating and developing a kind of alternative social system, connected to one another within contribution or Ubuntu principles and formulated to introduce people “face to face” thus filling the gap of disassociation that is prevalent in our western, “suburban”, nuclear family social system.