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Exploring the nature of “community” from concept, through creation to cohabitation. How do they work, how can we improve them and how can we make them global.

The Village is a progression, a synthesis, a collective of people with a common interest and a vision for a sustainable harmonious life on planet Earth.

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The Call

A New book by Peter Walker

Get a copy of The Call and Support The Village directly and at the same time, get a fabulous read!.

The time is now.

The world is in turmoil.  Elias Girawong, Earth Wizard and knowledge keeper must act.  His ceremony, calling the thirteen, heralds a long overdue change to shake the foundations of life itself.

But there are those who covet power beyond reason.

Each of the thirteen “called” have their assigned roles.  Each of them must travel to join the circle of thirteen.  Each of them face the challenge of their journey and the will and power of those who would thwart them.

Valda Balaz has been groomed by the machine.  Thrust into positions of power since birth, she is trained to be ruthless.  When Elias performs his ceremony, Valda must take decisive action to stop him and stop everything he has put into motion.

The Church, corporations, medical sovereignty, inter-dimensional realities, magic, medicines and a fast approaching star create an epic story which reflects the world we face today.

One path brings balance, peace and freedom underpinned by love.  The other plunges it into a darkness from which it might never emerge.

First-time author Peter Walker draws you into a world where change is inevitable and every soul has a role to fulfil.

“The Call” Book Zero of “The Village” series is an epic tale which immerses the reader into rarely charted realms and invites you to identify where you reside in the upheaval that is here and now.

The time is now; it has been now for some time and will continue to be now.

The waiting is over because, “we are the ones we have been waiting for.”

You will find yourself in this book.

“The Call”, Book Zero of The Village Series, traverses a shamanic energy count, zero through nine that is underway in the world in which we live right now.

When the tenth book is written and read, all this will come to pass.

On December 21st 2012, Peter walked away from “normal” life, leaving behind his partner, daughter, family, career and friends.  He sold or gave away all his possessions and began a personal walking pilgrimage.

Between December 21st 2012 and today he has walked 13,000 kilometres in nine countries.

His motivation?  A personal investigation into Balance, Peace and Freedom underpinned by love first into his own life and into the lives of others.

Peter is a writer, orator, master of ceremonies, teacher and student of the possibilities and opportunities of life.

After pursuing a career in commercial radio and television, he extracted himself from the mainstream industry to create and operate the world’s first environmental and conscious radio network, Planet Radio, beginning in 1993 until 2008.

In 2005 he began teaching personal development and sacred sexuality.  That includes the powerful and life changing Quantum Leap experience and ancestral cleansing of the Dragon’s Breath journey.

Since 2010 he has been dreaming in The Village, a complete redesign of our failed social system and in  2014 he created “The Village” a series of gatherings that introduce that new social system for the 3rd millenium.

He is currently authoring a series of ten epic novels entitled “The Village”.  The first book of the series, “The Call” was recently published as an ebook.  Work continues to produce the print version and the audiobook.

Peter has a unique talent for distilling complex knowledge into simple wisdom.

He facilitates mens’ work, group work, individual mentoring, personal development, relationship and sexual expansion practices for men, women and partnerships.

Peter holds space for inner work with power & integrity as no other.

He is a passionate visionary for the creation of an integrous co-creative society.

Funds generated by the sale of The Call and the following volumes will directly benefit “The Village” and “Village Matrix” buying land for collaborative stewardship where “villagers” will always be welcome and will always be home.

Each First Edition copy receives an individually numbered volume, personal dedication and author autograph.  Limited to the first 500 copies.

Price for First Edition Print version $39.00

Postage/Handling $15.00

Ebook just $13



Everyone who has attended one or more of the gatherings known as The Village is already a “villager”.

We’re creating a list of past and present “Villagers” to provide every villager with the resource of the skills and talents of every other villager no matter where they might be.


Born out of a series of vivid dreams and the adventures and wisdom gained in Walkingourworld, The Village gatherings have been happening since 2015.

The Village gatherings are a melting pot that show us who we are to each other and call us to find our way through everything that comes up.


Check in here for events and happenings that are brought to you, presented by or supported by The Village and The Village Matrix.

The Village Gatherings are a melting pot that show us who we are to each other and call us to find our way through everything that comes up.  The gatherings are essentially based on the concept of contribution, inviting everyone who attends to bring their own unique contribution to the group.  It’s not an “event” but rather a gathering of people who offer their unique gifts into the space.”

Peter Walker